LIVE MANY LIVES - Skydiving with Taylor Cole

From engineer to skydiver and everything in between, Taylor Cole sure knows how to get his adrenaline pumping. With 17 years experience as an active BASE jumper, Taylor is making his mark in the world of skydiving. Not only is he a 7 time National Skydiving Champion but he also currently holds 2nd place in the World for skydiving as a member of the US Parachute Team. 

Taylor is a lover of all things that fly or fall and when he is not the one jumping out of the plane, he may be the one flying it. When his feet are on the ground, you may find Taylor working on technology in a Navy lab, hanging out with his daughter Tessa, or even along a mountain trail on a unicycle or at a rave at night. As a father, friend, and flier, Taylor defines what it's like to Live Many Lives.

Art Direction / Producer: Jules Wood | Shot by: Ben Cope | Starring: Taylor Cole