Waste is a problem

A fully vertical production is our solution.

Through a combination of research, manufacturing techniques, careful sourcing, and partnerships, Magnlens produces stylish, fashion-forward, high-quality activewear that is equally sustainable.

At Magnlens we own the entire process from conceptualization to manufacturing. Our unique position as a fully vertical fashion line and textile manufacturer, allows us to control every step of our product from design to production.

Our commitments

Our mills utilize special knitting techniques that create high performance durable and ultra soft knitted textiles with fibers made from bark, wood pulp, leaves and other plant based materials that are transformed into luxury soft yarns such as viscose, modal, and lyocell.

Our designers create collections with the objective to reduce waste by reusing and repurposing fabrics, dyes, and trims from previous collections.

Our textiles

Magnlens is committed to our journey of biodegradability through the use of bamboo, wool, rayon, modal, lyocell, and cotton. Cellulosic fibers including viscose, modal, lyocell and rayon also add a luxurious hand feel when paired with high quality finishes.

In addition to our sustainable offering we also utilize the best fabrics when it comes to performance. Moisture wicking, breathability, cooling, and drying effects are achieved through our careful spinning and finishing processes making the end product perfect for all activities.

Our investment

We invest heavily in sustainable options ranging from recycled fibers to efficient technologies. Our mill and factory has reduced its water consumption by 40% compared to competitors in our region. Each of our sustainable fibers have unique functions that serve a greater stride towards sustainability.

With recycled polyester we are able to move towards a more circular process. By reusing and recycling polyester we are able to eradicate the use of virgin materials. In addition to polyester we also use Sorona® Eco-efficient Performance Fiber by DuMont. Sorona® is a polyester substitute that is 37% bio-based and comes from renewable plant based resources.

Our sustainability certifications

The majority of our fabrics are sourced straight from our own mill and manufactured at our own factory. Our mills are accredited by ISO9001, ISO14001, GRS Scope Certificate, OCS Scope Certificate, and Oeko-Tex standard 100 among other international certifications.

Partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative and accreditations from organizations like the Global Recycle Standard, OEKO-TEX, and the Global Organic Textile Standard helps ensure the sustainability of our products’ entire life cycle.