[magn]:greatness [lens]:seen in the details

Magnlens is a global yet independent activewear brand that makes apparel for active bodies and minds.

Our name, a combination of the latin word Magn meaning “great” (root word of “magnificent” and “magnitude”), plus the word Lens, encapsulates the line’s ethos of magnifying our customers’ greatness through the looking glass that is the quality and detail of the Magnlens product.

We’re driven by a passion for doing what’s right for the planet while taking in inspiration from the world around us. We believe style should be inseparable from sustainability and that performance is magnified by design. By exploring our world with inspiration, we inspire our customers to explore their world with style and comfort—no matter the destination.

Magnlens. Apparel for active bodies & minds.

Designed in
Los Angeles

We believe in materials that endure, but style that evolves.

We believe in ethical fashion that makes a difference in the world.

Wear who you are, wherever you go.

We are Curious.
We are Fearless.
We are Active.

Creative Team

Vice President
Creative Director

Women Design

Men Design


Sharing the moment

We love to keep things open: style, ideas, inspiration and listening to you. If this sounds like the kind of thing you'd be into, you know where to find us.